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Welcome back to Under the Posts, our monthly newsletter designed to provide information about upcoming club events, reports & articles about the past month and various statements & interviews from all parts of the club. The newsletter will cover every part of Crewkerne RFC, from the Under 7s all the way up to the Veterans side.

NatWest RugbyForce Weekend

The biggest event of the month was the NatWest RugbyForce Weekend. All parts of the club came together for an extensive task of relaying most of the Henhayes pitch, with Rob Howard helping out with his trademark tractor. Overall the hard work of everyone got the majority of the work completed on the Saturday! The turf is currently regrowing at fortress Henhayes, with everyone doing their bit to ensure the pitch is getting enough water each day.

As all the senior sections of the club have had a strong and full month of training, there is one member of the club who deserves a particular thanks for making that happen. When Paul Goodison applied for the role of welfare officer, he couldn’t have had any idea of what was in store for him in the next few months. Paul has run and managed the track and trace system since the men’s teams returned to training and has done everything from ensuring attendees have filed out the necessary forms to cleaning rugby balls and equipment every 15 minutes. He has recently introduced our track and trace web application to make the process much more straightforward. So from everyone at Crewkerne RFC, thank you Paul!

Keeping up with the Men

Training has taken a real step forward within Crewkerne RFC since the RFU moved to Stage D on the return to rugby roadmap. The introduction of line outs and 15 minute contact drills has enabled sessions to take on more variety and further helps the teams prepare for league action whenever that will be. Another addition to training has been the clubs recently purchased portable lights, with these enabling training to continue into the darkness on the Windwhistle paddock. Sessions continue every Thursday at the Windwhistle for all senior men’s teams and the male colts.

Ladies Rugby

Due to high demand, the Crewkerne Ladies will now have two training sessions a week! These extra sessions will be based around improving the skills of all the ladies and will take place on a Wednesday, with the main sessions staying on a Monday. Head coach Ashley Smith will be running these sessions from Henhayes, starting from Wednesday 23rd September. This session will be the first since our return to training that the Henhayes pitch has been used.

Age Grade Antics


Following the return of most children to schools, our junior section will get up and running towards the end of the month. Head of Age Grade Rugby Simon Shackleford and Welfare Officer Paul Goodison have worked so hard to ensure as many of the juniors can return to rugby as possible.


Our colts team have expanded their coaching team, with current coaches Liam Bushell and Louis Davies bringing in Ollie Singleton. Ollie has been a constant in the clubs first team for many years and is now hoping to pass on his experience to the next generation of players at the club. The three strong coaching team will be looking to create success in the first colts side within the club for many years.

Statement from the President

In all the years I have been involved in rugby, and that’s a lot, I have never known a start to a season like this and hope I never will again. With the likelihood of no competitive rugby until November at the earliest Covid has put a massive strain on all grass roots rugby throughout the country. As a club people behind the scene have been working continuously to adapt to the constraints put on us by the RFU.

It is still enlightening to see the Senior Men and Women as well as the Junior Section regularly training and attracting new players both to the club and the game of rugby at this time. Much credit must go to the Directors of Rugby, Coaches, Captains and those who monitor player welfare who are giving their time and effort to make this happen.

Make no mistake the effects of this pandemic will be far reaching socially and financially for CRFC but I am sure that if we continue to all pull together and uphold the core values of the RFU we can emerge from this as a stronger club.


Dates for the Diary:

23/09 - First Ladies’ Skills session

27/09 - Return of Age Grade sessions

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