Fri 06 Sep 2019 00:46

Rugby is a game for all shapes and sizes.  As a result, a complete cross section of the community is involved in rugby, with over 2.25 million players, 1,900 rugby clubs, 3,100 schools playing rugby, 37,000 referees, 57,000 Coaches and some 43,000 volunteer helpers involved.

All share a common purpose and core values, which are outlined below.

  • We play selflessly, working for the team not for ourselves alone, both on and off the field.
  • We speak out if our team or sport is threatened by inappropriate behaviour or actions.
  • We take pride in our team, rely on one another and understand that each player has a part to play.
  • We welcome all new team members and include all because working as a team enriches our lives.


  • We hold in high esteem our sport, it’s values and traditions, and earn the respect of others by the way we behave.
  • We respect our match officials and coaches, and accept their decisions.
  • We respect opposition players and their supporters.
  • We value our coaches and those who run our club and treat the clubhouse and club facilities with consideration at all times.


  • Enjoyment is the reason we play and support the game of rugby.
  • We encourage players to enjoy training and playing.
  • We use our sport to adopt a healthy lifestyle and build life skills.
  • We safeguard our young players and help them have fun.
  • We enjoy being part of a team and part of the rugby family because it enhances confidence and self esteem. 


  • Discipline underpins our sport.
  • We ensure that our sport is one of controlled physical endeavour and that we are honest and fair.
  • We obey the ‘Laws of the Game’ which are there to ensure and inclusive game.
  • We support our disciplinary which protects our sport and upholds its values.


  • Sportsmanship is the foundation rugby is built upon.
  • We uphold the traditions of camaraderie with team mates and opposition alike.
  • We observe fair play both on and off the pitch and are generous in victory and dignified in defeat.
  • We play to win but not at all costs and recognise both endeavour and achievement.
  • We ensure that the well-being development of individual players is central to all our rugby activity.